Experience Sonoma’s Best Ropes Course Challenge

A day at Sonoma Ropes Course is a true getaway into unspoiled nature. The ropes course is built onto and among the trees alongside Carriger Creek, which flows into Sonoma Creek, winding through the heart of the Valley of the Moon and Sonoma Valley.  This nearly untouched canyon shelters abundant native plants and wildlife, making lunch beside the creek a delight. Your group will be free to relax and concentrate on building stronger relationships.

The events on the course include:

  • Zipline
  • High V
  • Multi-Vine
  • Perch
  • Vertical Partnership
  • Low Mohawk
  • Rock Climb



WRP 176

What is a Ropes Course?

A ropes course is a series of low and high events, in a revitalizing natural setting. These events can be team-building, personally challenging, or just plain fun. You may find yourself walking a rope bridge high in the trees or completing a cooperative problem solving challenge. We look forward to designing your perfect day. We listen to your goals and needs, then pick the events and facilitator best for you. Click a category below to see examples of what we could focus on for your group.